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IRCA-certified training courses offer the highest quality of auditor training based on a range of management systems standards

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Why choose an IRCA-certified training course?

  • Image of training providersIRCA sets high standards so you can be assured of the very best in training and subject matter expertise. All IRCA-certified courses undergo rigorous design review and assessment so you can have confidence in the course
  • Our learning methods will enable you to apply new knowledge and skills that you can use in your own organisation. All IRCA approved training organisations have competent tutors who use participative training methods to engage delegates.
  • IRCA training is world-famous.; over 60,000 delegates attend IRCA-certified courses each year. Association with our prestigious and brand will help you to develop your career and demonstrate your competence as an auditor
  • Attending an IRCA course is an essential part of becoming an IRCA-certificated auditor.

Types of courses

Foundation courses

These courses will give you a general understanding of management systems. It is highly recommended for those wishing to go on to attend internal auditor training. Find an IRCA-certified Foundation course

Internal Auditor courses

These courses will provide you with skills-based training that will enable you to perform an internal audit of part of a management system, and report on its effective implementation and maintenance. Find an IRCA-certified Internal Auditor course

Lead auditor courses

These courses will enable you to develop your knowledge and skills to carry out first, second and third-party audits of complete management systems and assess conformity with a standard. Find an IRCA-certified Lead Auditor course

Conversion auditor courses

If you have successfully completed lead auditor training, a conversion course will enable you to extend your competence to another discipline. They are recommended for lead auditors working in, or with, organisation that operate integrated management systems. Find an IRCA-certified Conversion course

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