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Why choose an IRCA-certified training course?

IRCA Certified courses are recognised globally as the highest quality of auditor training. IRCA Certified courses:

  • Provide both the technical and practical understanding of the ISO standard and the auditing process
  • Use interactive learning methods, enabling delegates to learn quickly and retain knowledge
  • Equip delegates with practical skills to plan and conduct audits in the workplace
  • Are regularly assessed by independent technical experts, giving delegates confidence in the quality of the course
  • Enhance delegates’ learning through participative environments with small class sizes and group activities

Types of courses

Foundation courses

These courses provide a general understanding of management systems. It is highly recommended for those wishing to go on to attend internal auditor training. Find an IRCA-certified Foundation course

Internal Auditor courses

These courses provide skills-based training that will enable delegates to perform an internal audit of part of a management system, and report on its effective implementation and maintenance. Find an IRCA-certified Internal Auditor course

Lead auditor courses

These courses enable delegates to develop their knowledge and skills to carry out first, second and third-party audits of complete management systems and assess conformity with a standard. Find an IRCA-certified Lead Auditor course

Conversion auditor courses

Conversion courses are provided for those individuals who have successfully completed a Lead Auditor course in one discipline, and wish to extend their competence to another discipline. They are recommended for lead auditors working in, or with, organisations that operate integrated management systems. Find an IRCA-certified Conversion course

Transition training courses

Transition training courses provide the knowledge of the changes to a revised ISO standard and the skills to audit against the revised standard. It is recommended for audit, quality or business professionals working in organisations certified to an ISO standard that has since been revised (e.g. ISO 9001), or those looking to work with a newly revised standard. Find an IRCA-certified Transition  training course

IRCA currently offers Transition Training courses based on ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013. Find out more.

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