Fees & Payments

How do we make payment?

Send a cheque
We only accept payment in pounds sterling drawn on a UK bank. Please make the cheque payable to IRCA. Clearly mark your certification number on the cheque. You should attach the remittance advice (the form at the bottom of the front of the invoice with your cheque).

Direct debit
Only available to UK bank accounts, please request a form from us.

Bank transfer
Please ensure you add the associated bank charges to your transfer before making payment. Any fees received that are less than the amount payable will be held by IRCA until the full amount is received. Please speak to your bank to find out its charges. Please use your certification number as a reference for your bank transfer.

Account name: The Chartered Quality Institute
Account number: 00231866
Sort code: 30-98-97

Swift code: LOYDGB2L
IBAN number: GB18LOYD30989700231866
BIC code: LOYDGB21031
Bank address:

Lloyds Bank plc
Butler Place branch
Butler Place
Caxton Street
London, SW1H 0PR
United Kingdom

Alternatively, download a credit card form and fax it to +44 (0)20 7245 6755 or post it to;

2nd Floor North
Chancery Exchange
10 Furnival Street
London, EC4A 1AB
United Kingdom

What fees & charges are applicable initially and there after?

Application fees and charges

Stage 1: Application fees
Each application fee covers the initial desktop review of your management system or course materials.

  • Application fee for training organisation approval: £965
  • Application fee for each training course certification: dependent on the type of course certification applied for.
    (See IRCA/151)

Stage 2: Audit fees and charges
Following a successful desktop review an on-site initial assessment will take place. You are required to pay all costs incurred during the initial assessment of your training course(s) and training organisation management system. These include:

  • Technical Assessor fees
  • Technical Assessor travel expenses
  • Technical Assessor accommodation and meal expenses
    (See IRCA/151)
Annual fees and charges

Training course annual fee: Training organisations are then required to pay an annual fee to maintain certification of each course.

Levy fee: Training organisations are required to submit their course statistics for the first six months of the year in July and the course statistics for the second half of the year in January. There is a charged for each IRCA certified course presentation. The fee depends on the course type (See IRCA/151).

Download details of fees and charges.


Can I be an IRCA registered tutor?

Currently the IRCA does not have a scheme for registering tutors who deliver IRCA certified training courses. Tutors are approved to deliver specific IRCA certified training courses by the IRCA approved training organisation that employs them by following the ‘Tutor Requirements’ detailed in the IRCA/2000, 2.6.


Approving Training Organisations and certifying courses in potentially dangerous areas

It is IRCAs priority to ensure the safety of its Technical Assessors who travel the globe witnessing and assessing auditor training course deliveries. Consequently IRCA will not initiate the certification process with any training organisation whose head office is based in a country or region that IRCA believes may be high risk. Whilst IRCA will be guided by the information provided by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, all decisions in this regard will be made at IRCAs discretion.

Where an organisation’s head office is located in a low risk area but conducts the majority of its training in a high risk area, IRCA will carry out a risk assessment to determine whether it is appropriate to initiate the certification process. Where a training organisation is already approved and is based in an area that has become high risk after certification has been awarded, IRCA may conduct surveillance audits remotely until such time as the area is no longer considered high risk.

IRCA may, at its discretion, cease to certify an organisation, or course, if it feels that the remote surveillance is not providing adequate assurance of continuing adherence to the respective criteria. Please check the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) website for information on your country;

Are there any other courses which IRCA will certify?

The following courses can be certified and they are variants of the Internal QMS Auditor and QMS Auditor/Lead Auditor courses:

  • ISO 13458 – Medical Devices
    - Internal QMS Auditor based on ISO 13485
    - QMS Auditor/Lead Auditor based on ISO 13485
  • ISO 17025 – Laboratories
    - Internal QMS Auditor based on ISO 17025
    - QMS Auditor/Lead Auditor based on ISO 17025
  • ISO / TS 16949 - Automotive
    - QMS Auditor/Lead Auditor based on ISO / TS 16949
  • AS 9100 - Aerospace
    - QMS Auditor/Lead Auditor based on AS 9100
  • ISO 29001 – Oil & Gas
    - QMS Auditor/Lead Auditor based on ISO 29001

These courses are variants of the FSMS Auditor/Lead Auditor course:

  • HALAL 22
    - FSMS Auditor/Lead Auditor based on HALAL 22
  • FSSC – PAS 220
    - FSMS Auditor/Lead Auditor based on FSSC

How do I or my organisation become approved to deliver IRCA certified training courses?

To deliver IRCA certified courses you or your organisation must apply to become an IRCA approved Training Organisation. The training organisation and course applications will be reviewed and assessed in tandem. Once the assessments have been satisfactorily addressed, IRCA will award the training organisation approval and course certification.

See our quick guide to approval and certification; Training Organisation Approval & Course Certification Process.

How do I or my organisation becoming an IRCA approved Training Organisation?

To become an IRCA approved Training Organisation you or your organisation must submit applications for the training organisation approval and at least once course, although IRCA recommends that applicants only start with one course application, subsequent course applications will benefit from your experience of the application process and IRCA expectations for the design of the course. Also if the first course certified is an Auditor/Lead Auditor course, subsequent course applications will be applicable for the reduced application fee rates.

See our quick guide to approval and certification; Training Organisation Approval & Course Certification Process.

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