Photo of people shaking handsFailures in supply chain management make headline news (the Deepwater Horizon disaster was reported around the world and is expected to cost BP over £25 billion). As a result, many organisations now understand the potential damage that having under qualified auditors can have on brand reputation, public perception and company value.

Having your auditors independently assessed and constantly reviewed by IRCA is an easy way to ensure the competence of your staff and allows you to prove to your board, shareholders and the public that you take auditing seriously and that your supply chain is properly monitored.

Working with IRCA helps your organisation by:

  • Ensuring your auditors develop business skills in addition to auditing skills
  • Identifying any gaps in your current staff development programs
  • Ensuring your globally diverse staff are all skilled to the same standard
  • Making it easier to recruit new and retain good staff, especially internationally
  • Keeping you informed of the latest developments in auditing and management system standards
  • Assuring your customers and the public that you take auditing seriously
  • And ultimately, identifying problems, saving you money and protecting your brand reputation.

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