A regrade is an advancement in your certification grade, i.e. from auditor to lead auditor.

You can apply to regrade at any time.

You can apply to regrade at any time. In your initial offer letter we will inform you of the audit experience you require to attain the next grade of certification.

To apply for regrade, you should you send us your audit logs, along with any additional information to support your application and your regrade fee. If you wish to regrade at the end of your five-year certification period, there is no regrade fee.

Please visit our fees page for information about regrade fees. An application for regrade will not change your recertification date.

If you have any questions about regrading please contact the Member Retention Team on


NB Please do not submit original documents/certificates.

Any hardcopy documentation sent to us will be destroyed as soon as it is uploaded onto our database.

If you would like your documentation returned to you, please ensure that you state this when you submit your documents.

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