A regrade is an advancement in your certification grade, i.e. from auditor to lead auditor.

You can apply to regrade at any time.

When we offer you your first certification following your application, we will indicate the audit experience and competencies you will need to qualify for the next grade of certification. This information is also available on the certification scheme pages.

To apply for a regrade, you should complete your audit log sheet, making sure you enclose all additional information required and send this to us. For details of the cost of a regrade, please see the fees page.

A regrade will not change your renewal of certification date.

If you decide not to apply for a regrade during your initial certification period, we will review your audit and CPD logs when you are due to renew your certification after three years. If you are regraded as a result of the renewal of certification process, you will not need to pay the regrade fee.

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