Benefits of certification

"Many times I was selected for the business because I was IRCA Certified and others were not"

Linda Feres, Director ISO, INTUITIVE Research and technology Corporation, Huntsville, Alabama

  • Let an employer come to you
    By becoming an IRCA certified auditor, employers are able to search our on-line database by programme, grade, industry sector and contact details

  • Improved business prospects
    Organisations recognise the value of management systems to control business risk and contribute value. Our auditors tell us that becoming an IRCA Certified Auditor means they are selected for business over other clients.

  • Professional credibility
    IRCA's training, testing, and upkeep requirements speak to a delegate's desire to stay current in the industry. Many other professional credentials are amplified with IRCA certification.

  • Higher earning potential
    Becoming an IRCA Certified Auditor demonstrates your commitment and competence in your chosen career.

  • International recognition
    IRCA Certification and Training is recognised in over 120 countries across the globe.

Why choose IRCA

  • IRCA stands for good logic and reason, which we believe is the foundation of good auditing as well as a solid basis for running and administering a certification scheme.
  • Our requirements are very carefully considered to ensure the highest integrity is maintained. We have a robust technical management team, whose function is to ensure that the decisions we make are appropriate and well substantiated.
  • We are always willing to discuss your certification with you, should you have any queries.
  • Our prices are highly competitive.

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